I used to go to study in a place between Damascus and Daraa. We used to have a bus that was taking us from home to the university. The Syrian Government established seven checkpoints between Daraa and my university. They were always asking us to show them our documents. Because one of my family members was part of the Free Army I was always having problems when they were checking me.

One day the armies were shooting each other across the road our bus had to go through. The bus was destroyed but I was lucky enough to survive. Because of the high danger in the area, the Minister of Education asked the students to transfer from their universities to other institutions in Damascus. My situation started to be very difficult, especially after traveling to the capital. As soon as one my friends disappeared, I had a discussion with my family and I decided to leave Syria. It has been 1 year and 8 months without hearing anything about my friend.

M. H. E.