I spent 3 days on a ship between Libya and Italy, sharing my trip with 800 other people. Eventually the Italian Coast Guard noticed our ferry and they sent three military ships to rescue us. After being put in the camps they wanted to photograph us and take our fingerprints. I refused and one night, at 5am, I ran away from the camp. I went straight away to the rail station, but I was stopped by Police and asked for a passport. I had a paper from the camp, from the Italian army, saying that I am a refugee, and they thought I was legally ok and they let me go. I went to Nice and then to Paris, in France. I spent 15 days in Paris as a homeless person. After I arrived in Calais I managed to hide in the back of a lorry and cross the Channel.

My situation here is complicated because I don’t have any education. Therefore it is almost impossible for me to find a job. How can I live here?

M. R.